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Saturday, 29 September 2018

It's October! The month of pumpkin spiced everything! The trees are turning gold and red, the temperature is dropping and the days are getting shorter. It's the perfect season to settle down with a good book and a hot drink, to get cosy and read.

I don't normally do much on the blog to celebrate Halloween and October but this year is different! 

Welcome to Horror month!!!

Everything on the blog will be horror-related, every book I read and review, every picture I post on Instagram, everything.

I'm really excited about this month, I've got loads of great books lined up to read, and lots of exciting posts planned!

If you have any suggestions for books I have to read, or maybe movies/tv shows that you think I need to watch this month please let me know. Comment on this post, or tweet me!

See you on Monday for Horror Month!!!


  1. Oooh, I'll be checking back in throughout October because I'm a bit of a wimp but would like to get into more horror so I'm looking forward to reading your recommendations. In terms of TV and film I have basically no suggestions because I'm a huge wimp - if you haven't seen Annhilation yet, that's technically sci-fi horror. It's only a couple of hours long, it's on Netflix, and it's honestly just really strange but also quite mesmerising to watch. Not too scary!

    Books-wise, I love Mira Grant - Into the Drowning Deep is the latest one of hers I've read and I really enjoyed it. Scanning my shelves for ideas I can also recommend M. R. Carey's The Girl with All the Gifts, Sarah Lotz' The Three or Ezekiel Boone's The Hatching. Anyway, I hope you enjoy whatever you read/watch and I look forward to reading about it!

    1. Honestly I'm not great with scary things, so hopefully this will encourage me to read more! I have seen Annihilation, its a fascinating combination of sci-fi and horror, great suggestion! Oooooh you're the second person to mention Mira Grant to me, I might have to add them to my TBR!
      Thank you for reading!

  2. Oooh I'm excited for this! I love horror.
    Definitely check out Stripes Red Eye books, there's something for everyone. My favourites are Frozen Charlotte by Alex Bell and Fir by Sharon Gosling.
    I'd recommend Darkemere by Helen Maslin if you like contemporary, it's a bit like Skins but in a haunted house. Say Her Name by Juno Dawson is boarding school meets Bloody Mary and is super scary.
    Cora | http://www.teapartyprincess.co.uk/

    1. Hahahah hopefully I'll love it once the month is finished!! Ooooh thank you, these are great suggestions, I might have to add them to my TBR!!
      Thanks for reading!


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