How My Reading Habits Have Changed

Sunday, 17 December 2017

  • When I first seriously started reading, I was maybe 12/13 and I was massively into YA Paranormal novels. I devoured the Twilight series, and then read everything else YA that came out in a similar genre. This obsession went on for a few years, I was probably 15/16 when I became less obsessed with the Paranormal, and moved on to Dystopian novels. You can track these changes in conjunction with big series that came out, Twilight, and then The Hunger Games. Once I had exhausted everything YA dystopian my interest in YA dropped a lot. From about 16/17 onwards I began to read less YA and more adult fiction. This is about where I am now, I read loads of adult fiction, with only the occasional YA if it catches my interest. I also read a lot more poetry and classics because of my degree, I probably wouldn't read much poetry (it's not my fave) but I do love classics a lot!

  • I've also stopped being so hard on myself in regards to finishing a book. I used to force myself to finish every book I picked up, sometimes taking weeks to get through 1 book just because I felt obliged to read it all. Now I give the novel about 100 pages and if I don't enjoy it I just stop. I've also stopped feeling like I have to read every book I own, now I cull my books every couple of months, and I donate them to charity shops if I know I don't want to read them anymore! This has definitely helped me relax into my reading more, I don't feel pressure to read everything, and I'm open with myself if I know I'm not enjoying a novel.

  • I still carry a book with me at all times, but I don't get down on myself if I don't read for a few days/weeks. I have a lot going on in my life, and I realise this, so sometimes reading has to take a back seat, and that's ok! Sometimes to get my reading back up I have to pick up something light and frothy, and that's ok too!

  • When I first started reviewing books on this blog I reviewed every single book I read, and I felt that I had to write lots on each review, they were basically (poorly written) essays. I'm no where near as strict on myself now, I don't review every book I read, I review ARCs and E-galleys, and if I felt particularly strongly I might review a book I purchased myself, but for the most part I try to keep reviewing light and fun. I have also relaxed my rules on myself in terms of the content of the review. I don't need to write an essay for every review, and they don't have to be beautifully structured, I can make them as short, and as casual as I want to, it's my review after all!! I felt the pressure was too much, so by keeping the reviews light and keeping the work load small I am able to better balance reading/reviewing and the rest of my life!

Let me know how your reading habits have changed, or maybe they haven't changed at all!


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