Book Review- Kid Normal

Thursday, 3 August 2017
Title: Kid Normal
Author: Greg James and Chris Smith
Published: 13th July 2017
Pages: 400
Genre: Children's fiction

Rating: 4.5/5

The first book in a laugh-out-loud funny adventure series for 8+ readers from popular radio personalities Greg James and Chris Smith.
When Murph Cooper rocks up to his new school several weeks into the beginning of term, he can't help but feel a bit out of his depth. 
And it's not because he's worried about where to sit, and making friends, and fitting in, or not knowing where the loos are. It's because his mum has enrolled him at a school for superheroes by mistake. And unlike his fellow students, who can all control the weather or fly or conjure tiny horses from thin air, Murph has no special abilities whatsoever. 
But just because you don't have superpowers, it doesn't mean you can't save the day. Let's hope Murph realises that, and quick - because not far away is a great big bad guy who is half man and half wasp, and his mind is abuzz with evil plans . 
It's time for Kid Normal to become a hero! 
Perfect for fans of David Solomons, David Baddiel and Danny Wallace. 
Featuring brilliant illustrations by Erica Salcedo throughout. -Goodreads

My thanks to Net Galley and Bloomsbury's UK for the review copy.
This is a middle grade/children's novel, but I enjoyed it a lot and I think its a novel that would appeal to older readers too. It is the story of Murph who accidentally gets enrolled at a Superhero school, but has no super power. However, he discovers that he doesn't need a superpower to actually be a hero.
This novel is funny and witty, and would be brilliant for adults to read to children, as there's lots of jokes and comments that would appeal to the adult too!!
The characters are likeable, Murph is a great role model type that would appeal to many youngsters, and he is joined by a rag-tag group of friends who are just as enjoyable to read about. 
There were also lots of great illustrations in the novel, and even though the copy I had didn't have all of them, it had enough of them to see how fun and quirky they were. This is a great added element, and will make reading it with children even more enjoyable and vivid!!
Overall I would highly recommend this novel to children and older readers alike, its funny and entertaining, and I'm looking forward to the next book when it comes! 

Happy reading!!


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