My 2017 Bookish Resolutions

Tuesday, 17 January 2017
I've set myself 10 bookish targets I hope to reach by the end of 2017. Whether I manage to do it or not is another questions, but I'm beginning the year with positivity!!

1. I have set my Goodreads challenge at 50 books for this year, I managed to read 46 in 2016, so hopefully I can push it to 50!

2. I also want to read 12 review books, either from Net Galley, from authors or other review sources.

3. I also want to feature more Scottish authors on this blog, so I'm aiming to read 12 novels by Scottish authors this year.

4. I currently have around 130 unread books in my TBR pile, and my aim in 2017 is to reduce this to under 100, either through reading them, gifting them to others, or donating to charity.

5. I also want to limit the amount of books I purchase this year, so I'm going to try (!!) to limit myself to 1 new book for every 5 I read! Whether this is a resolution I can actually stick to remains to be seen!

6. I want to finish 5 series this year, I only managed to finish 1 in 2016, so I really want to up this for 2017!

7. I also want to read more classics, I'm aiming to read 10 in 2017, quite a few of these will come from my Uni reading list, but I'm still going to include them!

8. I also want to reduce my "Put down for now" shelf on Goodreads. These are where I place all the books I've started and then lost interest in.

9. I also want to re-read 5 novels this year, I don't re-read many books, so I want to increase this!

10. My last resolutions isn't really a resolution as it happens every year, but I want to re-read The Sherlock Holmes novels/short stories, and the Harry Potter series in summer!

Thanks for reading!!

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