Bookish (And Not So Bookish) Thoughts #2

Wednesday, 1 June 2016
This is a weekly blog meme hosted by Bookishly Boisterous (link here) where you can write about anything that's happening in your life, book related or not!

1. We've had a couple of consecutive days of glorious sunshine and warm weather, and it's made such a difference to everyone's mood. Living in Scotland, the weather is average at best, normally fairly cold and grey for about 10 months of the year. However for the few occasions when we get summer, it's a completely different story. People are so much happier, and I definitely feel it too, I wake up feeling in such a good mood when the sunlight is illuminating my room! Also we always make sure to take advantage of the warm sunny weather, we are becoming experts in rustling up BBQ food from the weirdest ingredients!! So far we are at 3 for the year, which is more than we had in total last year, so that's good news!! 

2. Tennis!!...... I know I spoke about it last week, but it's still featuring this week because The French Open is still ongoing, and Andy Murray is still in it, meaning I have a vested interest in it. 

3. I have been doing a bit of baking in the last week, I made meringue, which I made into Eton Mess. I had never made meringue before, so I was quite worried about undercooking it, but it seemed to go ok, and all my family are still standing, so it didn't poison them!! I also made brownies over the weekend, and they are probably the richest brownies I've ever tasted. They had some coffee powder in them, and a heck of a lot of chocolate, and I definitely can only eat a small piece at a time!! Also rustled up some chocolate chip cookies, and apart from making double the amount of cookies the recipe said it would make, they went down a storm (picture: tupperware filled with cookies everywhere!!).

4.  This weeks tv and movies:

  • The Walking Dead Season 2- I'm currently watching this tv series with my brother. We sped through season 1 in a couple of days but it was only 6 episodes long. Season 2 is taking a little longer to get through, but we're both still really enjoying it.
  • Fringe Season 1- I'm watching this one on Netflix, I've actually watched season 1 before, but I'm rewatching it before I continue with the series so I remember what's going on.
  • 11.22.63- I've watched a couple more episodes of this over the week, I'm enjoying it, although there's still a lot of it that doesn't add up. Plus there was a rather gruesome part in the last episode I watched, involving a fire poker being slammed into someone's head!
  • Supernatural Season 1- I decided to rewatch Supernatural again, last time I got part way through season 4 and stopped, so I thought I would restart, especially because I actually like the first couple of seasons the best, so it's nice to revisit them!
  • Pirates of The Caribbean Curse of The Black Pearl- I rewatched this with my brother one afternoon when he got back from an exam. It has aged pretty well, it was released in 2003!!! Some of the acting was a little cringe but on the whole it was still enjoyable.
A pretty short post this week, sorry!!

Happy reading!!

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  1. I am curious about Fringe...I'm in between good crime shows on Netflix, so I'm watching Parenthood again. But I think I'll get tired of it soon, as the characters are starting to annoy me.

    My Life Next Door looks tempting. Here's MY BOOKISH THURSDAY POST


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