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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

This is a weekly feature that I will be posting on a Tuesday, where I will be spotlighting a book that I have on my shelves that I haven't read. This is a great idea for a weekly post, as I have loads of unread books, and i find it really interesting to read why others have purchased and want to read certain books!! This is hosted by Bookshelf Fantasies.


This Week's Book:

Title: Inside Dickens' London
Author: Michael Patterson
Published: 2011
Synopsis: This is a fascinating, evocative account of 19th-century London, so well known from Charles Dickens' much-loved novels. It draws on descriptions of life in the capital from original letters, diaries and newspapers, as well as Dickens' own social commentary, to paint a vivid portrait of a city undergoing massive social changes. No author has ever described the city of London as well as Dickens. His eye for detail and his gift for characterization moved and entertained readers throughout the world who might never have been to the city. Many of the cliches that crowd our imaginations when we think of London, or of the Victorians, can be traced back to his writings. A unique gazetteer section with a modern-day map allows the reader to discover where places and attractions mentioned in the text can be seen in today's London. -Amazon

How/When I Got It:
I bought it 3 years ago, it's a non-fiction novel, and I bought it while I was going through a bit of a non-fiction buying flurry. Needless to say I read very few of them, hence the reason it's featuring today!

Why I Want To Read It:
I love reading about the past, and the 19th Century is one of my favourite periods in time to read about. Also I haven't read many Charles Dickens novels, so I was hoping this might ease me into them!!

Happy Reading!!

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