New Release Sunday #10

Sunday, 2 February 2014
Today's newly released book is The Fearance by Rob Badcock. This is the second book in The Meskitoe Trilogy. you can read my review of the first book here. This book is described by the author as featuring cowboys, Vikings in space!
The Fearance (The Meskitoe Trilogy)

The blurb reads:

It is the year 2043. A space shuttle crash-lands on Tycho, the clone planet of mother earth. Rib Meskitoe – one of the few survivors of the watershed, steps out to start a new life in the frontier town of Stonyville. The Fearance is a mysterious force that scrambles all man-made technology. Rib becomes sucked into a quest for the Fearance , to an alien land of ice & fire: A violent world of Berserks & blood feuds. It is a Viking hell from which he must escape.

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