Book Review- Kaylen's Rising

Saturday, 6 July 2013
Title: Kaylen's Rising
Author: Yves Robichaud
Published: February 6th 2013
Publisher: Friesen Press
Pages: 200
Series: Tomes of Taria #1
Genre: Fantasy, Middle Grade

Rating: 4/5

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Kaylen Amdir has been living in the dark for fourteen years—in every sense.

His people are hunted on the surface world, so they must struggle to survive within underground caves. His community hates his family but no-one will say why. Unlike most teens, his parents keep him housebound, and forbid him from wielding weapons or learning magic. But when his parents finally change their mind and send him to school, Kaylen is suddenly exposed to the harsh truth. He has much to learn and understand all at once—including a mysterious magical ability.

With the threat of war with the surface-dwellers ever present, Kaylen will need to make new friends, and to stay true to himself if he is to survive what is to come…while something frightening stirs inside him.- Goodreads

I received an ebook copy of this novel from the author in return for an honest review.
I gave this novel 4/5 and I really enjoyed it. The plot and characters in this novel were great, the author had developed them nicely. I will say that I think this is probably a middle grade novel, the writing and plotline would suit 10-14 year olds, but I enjoyed it none the less.
The plot was fast paced and action filled, the characters were hardly finished one adventure when they were on to the next. This helped keep my interest through out the novel, and I finished it in a relatively quick time.
The characters were nicely developed, the group that Kaylen fights with were a diverse group all with individual strengths and weaknesses. The only slight problem I had with the characters was I felt that some of the characters relationships were a little 2 dimensional. They felt like they were only there to fulfil a purpose, that they weren't build on any evidence of affection between the characters.
The world that Robichaud described in the book was good, it had a fantasy element to it, but still retained features that made it feel like Earth. I also liked the history we were introduced to between the humans and the elves, hopefully we will learn more about the history of the battles between the two races in other novels.
I thought Kaylen's parents were interesting and intriguing characters who, unfortunately didn't have a very large part in the story!
Overall I liked this novel, and I am interested to see where the author takes the characters in the next books in the series.


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