Book Review- Zephyr The West Wind

Thursday, 14 February 2013
Title: Zephyr The West Wind
Author: R.J. Tolson
Published: August 21st 2012
Publisher: Universal Kingdom Print
Pages: 492
Series: Chaos Chronicles #1
Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 2.5/5

Seventeen years ago, in the island village of Dentro, lived a large and powerful demon. With just a howl, mountains were obliterated. With the help of an outsider, the chief of Dentro destroyed the demon and sealed its dark power within three powerful ancient weapons: a spear, a shield, and a sword. After leaving the unwelcoming village, the man who had helped destroy the demon took the sword in an effort to keep the village and its people safe.

Months later, a villager bore the son of the outsider. Carrying the child of a stranger was in violation of a sacred village law, and everyone knew whose child the boy was. Born into a village filled with hateful people, Zephyr grew up not knowing why he was so hated. With no friends, and eventually no family after the passing of his mother, Zephyr was forced to survive by himself as an outcast.

Zephyr's only wish was to make his mother proud and force the village to recognize him--while surviving in a world filled with demons, paranormal abilities, love, hate, and undiscovered lands.- Goodreads

 I received an ebook copy of this novel in return for an honest review.
This book promised a lot, the front cover and the blurb suggested a great fantasy novel with hints of greek mythology, but the novel didn't deliver.
The writing style frustrated me as the novel would change from Zephyr's point of view to Leon's with no prior warning. I found myself reading into a chapter before I realised that the point of view had changed. I also found that the writing didn't flow very well, it felt jumpy. The narration of the novel also changes, it begins with Zephyr addressing the reader, then it changes to him narrating what has happened, with occasional chapters from Leon. However the author's descriptions of people and places were good. He also wrote some really good fight/action scenes throughout the novel, they were fast paced and held my attention nicely.
There was a romantic relationship that ran through this novel, between Zephry and Autumn, but to me it felt unnecessary, and didn't really add anything to the plot or the characters.
The main character in this novel is Zephyr, and as with the other characters I didn't feel particularly attached to him. Leon is another main character in this novel, and again he felt a little one dimensional, and I didn't really have any feelings towards him. He belonged to the "dark-side" and was a contrast to Zephyr who belongs to the "good-side". This felt a little cliched and predictable, that the characters were labelled in such a way.
Zephyr believed in gaining power to protect the people he loved, and he appeared to have good morals, but he left the tour guide unconscious at the castle. This didn't seem to fit with his character at all. Also the fact that this same tour guide came back as some evil nemesis seemed strange.
Zephyr started having visions of Autumn as she was coming to join them, and I thought this was interesting, I hoped it would add a twist to the novel, but these visions weren't mentioned again.
Overall I didn't really enjoy this novel, and I probably won't continue the series.


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