Book Review- Last Seen Wearing

Thursday, 7 February 2013
Title: Last Seen Wearing
Author: Colin Dexter
Published: 1989
Pages: 352
Series: Inspector Morse #2
Genre: Mystery, Crime

Rating: 3/5

Morse was beset by a nagging feeling. Most of his fanciful notions about the Taylor girl had evaporated and he had begun to suspect that further investigation into Valerie's disappearance would involve little more than sober and tedious routine...

The statements before Inspector Morse appeared to confirm the bald, simple truth.

After leaving home to return to school, teenager Valerie Taylor had completely vanished, and the trail had gone cold.

Until two years, three months and two days after Valerie's disappearance, somebody decides to supply some suprising new evidence for the case...

This is the second novel in the Inspector Morse series, which was a very popular tv series in the 80s. If you've read my review of the first novel in the series, you will know that I really didn't like it, mostly due to my dislike of Morse himself and the boring plot of that novel.
This novel had a much better plot than the last. The mystery was much more interesting, I actually felt interested about what was going to happen and how the mystery would end. It flowed much better than the last, I didn't feel so disappointed when I reached the end.
The plot was more puzzling, and I actually didn't have any idea who did it, it was a lot less obvious. There were also a lot of plot twists through out, just as you thought you knew "who-dunnit" Dexter threw in a twist and you're back to square one with no idea who did it.
I thought in general the characters in this book were much better than in the previous one, there was a wide and diverse range of characters which were much more interesting than the last. It was also great to learn more about Lewis, Morse's sidekick. Lewis is probably my favourite character.
In the last novel I really didn't like Morse, I thought he was some perverted old man who spent more time learing at young ladies than actually solving the crimes. Unfortunately he was the same in this novel, his personality causes me to approach these novels with caution.
Overall I enjoyed this novel more than the previous one, but it wasn't anything special, and I wouldn't recommend it to others.


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