Author Interview- Katy Krump

Thursday, 20 December 2012
Katy Krump is the author of the recently released sci fi novel Blue Dust: Forbidden, which was published by Ghostly Publishing on the 24th of November.

I asked Katy a couple of questions and she very kindly answered them!

Q. Can you tell us a bit about your novel Blue Dust: Forbidden?
A. It's a sci fi fantasy adventure, mainly for teen and YA girls but also for boys who aren't scared off by a bit of romance. It follows the journey of a Forbidden child, Qea, who comes from a distant galaxy, and is packed with adventure and non stop action. Qea is an interesting character. She comes from a world where warlords rule and her life has been unusual, to say the least. She is sent to Earth to hide from a warlord she has betrayed, and it's here that she meets Adam, the boy that will show her how to be human and help her find her true self. In doing so however, he puts both their lives at risk and they find themselves back in the Qarntaz Octad, the place of Qea's nightmares, where they are in constant danger from the strange beings that live there, the hostile environments, and Qea's enemies who will do anything to capture her. Forbidden is the first in the Blue Dust series. Book two, Destiny, will be out next year followed by a third, Insurrection, later in 2013.

Q. How did you come up with the idea for your novel?
A. I myself am an 'alien' having emigrated from South Africa to the UK and there were times that I truly felt like I'd landed on another planet. I started writing a blog about being an alien and reaslied that it would make a good story. The blog then morphed into the story of Qea, Adam and Blue Dust.
Q. Do any of the characters reflect you in any way?
A. Qea reflects me in the way that she struggles to fit in to a strange environment, the sense of isolation and not belonging. Other than that she's not like me. Of course there are always aspects of the author in her characters, but also bits and pieces of other people I know or have met. Adam is a composition of teenage boys I knew over the years plus aspects of what I think the 'perfect' teenage boy should be.

Q. When is your favourite time and place to write?
A. I love writing late at night with music playing and rainy or misty days make me feel very inspired. I try to write everyday no matter the weather of course, as I have to get the sequel finished for my publisher. I'm happy to write anywhere really, but feel most comfortable at home with my own things around me. Or overlooking the sea...
Q. If you could live in one story which would it be?

A. Hmm, good question. Any of the worlds created by Terry Pratchett, but especially the Discworld. Imagine the fun that could be had there!
You can buy the book here and here!
Thanks for reading :)



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