Book Review- Fateful

Tuesday, 20 November 2012
Title: Fateful
Author: Claudia Gray
Publication Date: 2011
Publisher: Harper Collins
Pages: 325

Rating 3/5

A tragic tale about falling in love on the world’s most infamous ill-fated sea voyage as heroine, Tess, discovers darker secrets that lie beneath the doomed crossing… and a hidden brotherhood that threaten to tear her lover from her forever.

The RMS Titanic is the most luxurious ship ever built, but for eighteen-year-old Tess Davies it’s a prison. Travelling as a maid for the family she has served for years, Tess is trapped in their employment amid painful memories and family secrets.

When she meets Alec, a handsome upper class passenger, Tess falls helplessly in love. But Alec has secrets of his own… and soon Tess is entangled in a dangerous game. A sinister brotherhood that will do anything to induct Alec into their mystical order has followed him onboard. And Tess is now their most powerful pawn.

Tess and Alec fight the dark forces threatening to tear them apart, never realising that they will have to face an even greater peril before the journey is over…

This novel, as you can tell if you've read the summary above, is set on the Titanic. I thought this was a really cool and unique setting for a novel, as I haven't read any fantasy/paranormal novels set on the Titanic. The author has obviously spent some time researching this, as the historical accuracy was impressive.
The novel revolves around a girl called Tess who is a ladies maid to the Lisle family, who are travelling to America. The plot was ok, it wasn't anything wonderfully special, nothing very unique about it. It was quite fast paced, however, I started and finished it in one day. The descriptions were ok, not too frequent as to break up the flow of the novel, but enough to make sure you knew what was going on.
The main character is Tess, who was an ok main character. She was quite practical and wasn't as weak as normal YA female characters tend to be. She was sensible and quite brave and level headed. The only problem I had with her was how easily she coped with seeing boys turn into werewolves right infront of her. If that had been me, I would have been freaking out, but she hardly batted an eyelid.
The romantic love interest in this novel was Alec, an upper class passenger, that saves Tess from another werewolf. He again was an ok character, but he doesn't reallystand out in my mind thinking back on the book.
The villain of the novel was Mikhail, another werewolf. He was a pretty cool baddie, he was quite menacing but again he wasn't anything special.

The ending of this novel really annoyed me. I felt it was really cliched, I would have prefered it if she hadn't put in the "happily ever after"


I felt that some of the things the two main characters, Tess and Alec said were sickly sweet, and not things that a normal teenager would say, even taking the time period into account.
This novel is written from Tess' point of view, which allows us to read exactly what she is thinking, and I think the author made good use of the reader's intimacy with Tess' thoughts and feelings to really develop the novel.
Overall I thought this was an ok novel (apparent by the number of times I've said "ok" in this review! 4 times if you're interested!), I gave it 3/5 stars.


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