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Friday, 26 October 2012
I apologise for being absent for so long, but I promise I have a good reason. On Tuesday of last week, my family and I flew to New York, JFK airport. We did many awesome things and saw lots of iconic sights while there, but today I want to talk about two things we did.
On the last day in New York, we made a very special trip to a shop in New York, called The Mysterious BookShop ( I will insert some pictures here:

It was awesome,a room completely stuffed with mystery and thriller novels. There were stacks of novels everywhere, and so many different books to look at, we spent quite a while just browsing.
Although I didn't buy anything, it was really nice just to look through my brother did by a number of James Bond novels.

After this we decided to take a trip to Barnes & Noble, a big book store in the USA. I really wanted to visit this shop, after hearing so much about it from bloggers in the USA. I absolutely loved this shop, and saw so much stuff I wanted to buy. The choice of novels was much greater than in the UK, but it sold not only books but other merchandise as well. I did buy something here, I bought a tote bag and a Harry Potter t-shirt. I will post pictures of these later, but I can't at the moment because my camera isn't working.
We stayed in New York for 3 nights and then we stayed 4 nights in Washington D.C with my close family. I had a really enjoyable holiday, and these bookstores were definitely a highlight.
If you went on holiday these Tattie Holidays I hope you had a great time, and if you didn't go away or perhaps you don't get Tattie Holidays, I hope everything is good anyway.


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