Book Review- A Touch of Poison, and Wattpad!

Saturday, 6 October 2012
When looking through book apps on my iphone, I stumbled across Wattpad, an app where people can post and read each other's stories and novels. I think this is a really cool idea, as when I'm out and about, a light story, is just what I need. As well as amateur story writers, published novelists sometimes post their novels too. The first novel I have read on this app was A Touch of Poison.

Title: A Touch of Poison
Author: Iron Kite (Wattpad username)

A quick plot summary: This novel revolves around a princess, who cannot touch others with her bare skin without giving them terrible burns. When her father devises a plot to murder a nearby kingdom's prince, the princess must fight to save him, and her own life too.

My thoughts: This was a light read, although it had over 20 chapters too it! It was written well, with good description, and correct punctuation. The plot was fine, an idea that I had heard before, but nevertheless was good, quite fast paced, with no long winded descriptions. The only problem I had was with the ending, which I felt was a bit cliched, and was very "happily ever after". I also felt like the ending was written in a rush, and the fluid writing style completely left the author, meaning the ending was written childishly. Apart from that it was an enjoyable read, but not something I would read again. I gave it 3/5 stars.


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