Book Review- The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Monday, 15 October 2012
Title: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Publication Date: 1886
Pages: 144
Genre: Classics, Horror, Science Fiction

Rating: 5/5

In this harrowing tale of good and evil, the mild-mannered Dr. Jekyll develops a potion that unleashes his secret, inner persona—the loathsome, twisted Mr. Hyde.- Goodreads
This is a classic short story, that even if you haven't read the story, you will be familiar with the case of Dr Jekyll and his alter ego Mr Hyde. I wasn't sure whether I would like this story, as I'm not normally to keen on the archaic language, that was used in this era. I was pleasantly surprised by this novel, as I really enjoyed it, and found the language didn't reduce my enjoyment of the plot at all.
The novel itself is very eerie, especially when our main character is trying to discover what has become of Dr. Jekyll. Robert Louis Stevenson did a really good job of building the tension throughout the story so by the end, you are nervous about the outcome. The plot is written like a mystery story, with the main question being what has happened to Dr Jekyll. Unfortunately most people know the plot of this story, so the mystery aspect of the story is lost a little.
The characters in this story were really good, they were developed nicely by the author, even though it was a relatively short story. The main character in the story is Dr Jekyll who is a very clever scientist who creates a potion which allows his inner persona "his bad side" if you will, to take over his thoughts and his body.
The story is told from a 3rd person point of view, and we as the reader follow another character's story, Dr Lanyon. He is the man Dr Jekyll eventually trusts with his secret. Dr Lanyon is a good character, who is your typical gentleman, caring about others, brave and level headed.
I really enjoyed the end of the story, even if it was a little confusing. The story ended with a letter written by Dr. Jekyll describing exactly what happened and basically solving the mystery of the stroy. I thought this was a very clever way to end it, as it answered all questions and tied up all loose ends in a nice concise way.
Overall I absolutely loved this novel, and I think it's one of my favourite classics that I've read. I gave this 5/5 stars and I highly recommend that you read this, as it is short, but is definitely worth it.


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