Book Review- Time Pullers

Sunday, 2 September 2012
Title: Time Pullers
Author: Horton Deakins
Publication Date: May 10th 2011
Publisher: 4rv Publishing
Pages: 272
Genre: Sci-fi

Rating: 3/5

Time Pullers turns your reality upside down as you discover the history you are so familiar with should never have happened. A mysterious, hairless visitor is thwarted by guards in an attempt to use a double semi-trailer truck to run a gate at a US Air Force base. The man insists upon seeing the base commander, and he spins an incredible tale of how his own continuum, his future reality, has been destroyed by sabotage to a point in the continuum of your own past.

The mysterious stranger, known only as “Mr. G,” pleads with his captors to help restore the damage done to the continuum by their common enemy. He alone has survived, of his entire civilization, to escape to your own present time to solicit help, bringing with him the means to make one, and one only attempt to bring his civilization back. If you help him, you will lose everything and everyone in your life, but if you do not, you face inevitable devastation in your own reality.

Time Pullers takes you on a ride through history that will not only make you wonder if we are really safe on our little blue orb, but it will also forever change your perspective about what we call “unidentified flying objects.”

Time Pullers puts the SCIENCE back into Science Fiction. This time-travel adventure is set at an Air Force base in the Oklahoma City area, but is it FICTION, or FACT? You decide.- Goodreads

*I received this novel from the author, after I showed an interest in his novel on Goodreads.*

This novel is a sci fi novel, set in an Air Force base in the US. The novel begins when a strange, mysterious man is trying to force his way into this Air Force base, insisting that he need to speak to somebody in charge. He calls himself "Mr G" and says he is from the future. He tells an incredible tale about how he needs help to change the past in order to save the future.  
I liked this novel, I gave it 3/5 stars, in my books this stands for "I liked it". There were, however a couple of things that lowered its rating for me.
This novel has a lot of physics jargon in it, as the author describes just how time travel would be possible in this situation. Physics is not one of my strong subjects and I can honestly say I couldn't get my head around it. At the beginning of the novel, I tried to understand it, making good use of the glossary at the back (good idea, by the way!), but soon it all got too much for me. Eventually I just read the information, without really knowing what I was reading about. Thankfully this didn't spoil the novel too much, as I could still grasp what was going on, without having to know the ins and outs. Due to the author describing the time travel in so much detail, this took up a large portion of the novel, which meant it took a little longer to read. I felt this meant the "real plot" of the novel didn't really get started until the last 80 or so pages. This also meant the plot was over quite quickly, I would have enjoyed a little more problems of action when they were trying to change the future, but at the end of the novel, it becomes apparent that the point of the plot is not what you expect.
My favourite part of the novel, is definitely the end, the plot twist is great. It was totally unexpected to me so I found the last 50 pages really enjoyable. I must say though it was a little gory, and I didn't quite have the guts for it at midnight, so I had to put it down until the morning.
What initially attracted me to this novel on Goodreads, was the really interesting and intriguing idea for a plot. I haven't read a novel like this before, and I thought it would probably be something I would enjoy, as I love everything sci fi.
I think the characters definitely played a great part in this novel, with the diversity between them, adding to my enjoyment of reading it. My favourite were probably General Vega and Dr Dubois. I liked the friendship these two had and the history in Vietnam, but I also liked their individual personality traits too.
I also enjoyed the slight romantic sub plot, between two of the team members. I thought this was a really interesting aside, which offered some light relief from the heavy informative main plot, but was also good to read on its own.
Overall I really enjoyed this novel, and I am very grateful to the author for sending me a copy. I would recommend this if you have a good knowledge of physics, as it will help with the details, but I would also recommend it if you like an interesting and unique sci fi novel.


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