Book Review- Blood on the Moon

Friday, 3 August 2012
Title: Blood on the Moon
Author: Jennifer Knight
Publication Date: August 30th 2011
Publisher: Perseus Books (US)
Pages: 400
Series: Blood on the Moon #1
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Werewolves, Vampires

Rating: 2/5

As Faith Reynolds enters her freshman year of college, she is a complete and utter nervous wreck. With her best friend Derek suddenly pulling out the romance card and her dark, mysterious classmate staring her down at every turn, Faith somehow feels stuck in the middle without dating either one. And fortune may or may not be with her when a devilshly sexy stranger offers her a welcome escape.
 Darkness seems to be creeping into every corner of Faith's life, no matter the hour. And when she seeks the truth, danger seems to be the only thing that finds her.
Faith is well aware of the strange currents in the air, particularly when she sets off static sparks with everything she touches. Before long, she finds herself entrenched in the deep-seeded battle between werewolves and vampires. The war has reached the tipping point, and Faith has the power to determine where the scales fall. But the most important question may be with whom does her loyalty lie? - Goodreads

I heard about this book from as they were allowing you to read the ebook free off their website until the 1st of August. I had never heard of this novel nor did I have any idea what it was about but I thought I would give it a go anyway. I finished this novel in 2 days as it wasn't very difficult to read.

The plot basically revolves around a girl called Faith who has just started her first year at college. She only really has one friend, her best friend for basically her whole life, Derek. Things get complicated for Faith when Derek wants to be more than friends and things in Faith's past start to affect her again. Also a mysterious classmate is stirring up emotions in Faith she has tried to smother.
The plot had one major problem and that was that it was an almost carbon copy of the plot to Twilight. To me it felt as if the author just thought that by changing the main focus from vampires to werewolves, we would all look past the major similarities in the novels. Frankly this really annoyed me as I want to read a new novel, not a copy of another one. Some of the similarities were; the mysterious dark love interest Lucas was so similar to Edward, he looked at Faith as if he hated her, he never talked to her, wouldn't even look at her, a vampire sworn enemy sets his eye on Faith to spite Lucas just like James does with Bella, a large chunk of the novel is taken up by Lucas taking Faith to meet his (not really) family and how she is worried about what they will think, Derek is a friend that creates a love triangle (Jacob). Of course there were some differences, the novel is set in college instead of school, the main love interest is a werewolf and the enemy are vampires.
In terms of speed it was quite a fast paced novel, that did an alright job of keeping me interested and the ending was something I wasn't expecting, which is great.

I had mixed feelings about the main character Faith, in some ways I liked her, she could stand her ground, and stand up to people, and she had an interesting back story. She also had a weird thing that she got an electric shock from touching things. I really liked this twist and I was disappointed that this wasn't really focussed on and didn't get explained at all. Faith also seemed a bit naive and this was annoying as I had figured things out miles before her and this frustrated me.
Hr best friend Derek annoyed me too as he didn't seem to understand what no meant. He seemed childish and didn't seem to have any character traits that made him seem like a person you would like to be friends with.
The other main male character is Lucas, who is Faith's main love interest. He was annoyingly similar to Edward in Twilight, which was annoying and just seemed like a waste.

Overall I gave this novel 2/5 stars and this was mainly because of its similarity to Twilight and the fact that I didn't really connect with the characters so it didn't rate very highly.


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