Book Review- Nineteen Eighty Four

Wednesday, 18 July 2012
Title: Nineteen Eighty Four
Author: George Orwell
Publication Date: June 8th 1949
Publisher: Signet Classics
Pages: 326
Genre: Science Fiction, Dystopians, Classics
Rating: 4/5
Written in 1948, 1984 was George Orwell's chilling prophecy about the future. And while 1984 has come and gone, Orwell's narrative is timelier than ever. 1984 presents a startling and haunting vision of the world, so powerful that it is completely convincing from start to finish. No one can deny the power of this novel, its hold on the imaginations of multiple generations of readers, or the resiliency of its admonitions a legacy that seems only to grow with the passage of time. - Goodreads

My Thoughts

Ok, this book was great, really great. I loved the whole idea for it and how methodically Orwell had planned out his world until it felt real. I felt whilst I was reading it, that something like that could really happen. It freaked me out but also made me sit up and think about what our society is like today.

Plot: 4/5

I really enjoyed the plot as a whole but I did find the start a tad boring. Orwell spent quite a lot of time explaining and describing the deeper political and social parts of his world and I found myself overloaded with a lot of rather boring information at the start. This was all very helpful later on in the novel so it wasn't wasted but at the time I found myself a little bored by so much telling of information and no plot so to speak. The middle part where all the adventure/excitement happens is my favourite part as I found it quite nerve racking and I was worried about what would happen to our main characters. The very end of the novel slightly confused me as I feel as if Orwell missed out a part or something as the novel skipped through a chunk of time and changed the setting and I was a bit confused as to what was going on.

Characters: 4/5

The main character in the novel is a man called Winston Smith who finds himself different to everyone else in society. I found Winston to be a great main character as I felt sorry for him at the start and really wanted thngs to work out for him. The other main character is called Julia and I liked her too but not as much. I'm not sure whether this was on purpose or not but I felt she was rather dim and it annoyed me. The characters develop nicely and you see a real change in them towards the end of the novel.

Setting: 5/5

The novel is set in 1984 (funnily enough!) which, when Orwell wrote it, was in the future. Although 1984 has passed I still feel this is a situation that might one day happen to the world. Having the novel set in a world that we can all relate to makes it very hard hitting but also more scary as it feels more realistic as you can recognise things that go on today

Overall: 4/5

This is a really good novel which is also a modern (ish) classic and I definitely think you should read it at least once as it does linger with you even after you have closed the book.


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