2017 Big Book Summer Challenge

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

This challenge is hosted by Sue at Book By Book. The challenge is simply to read 1 or more books over 400 pages long between May 26th and September 4th. I need this challenge, I have way too many books lying around that I never pick up because they're so huge! Hopefully this challenge will encourage me to get through them!
I haven't chosen a definite list for summer, so these are just a number of books I own that I could read for this.



  1. Welcome to the Big Book Summer Challenge! So glad you decided to join! What you described is EXACTLY why I started doing this years ago - because the rest of the year. I tend to avoid anything that looks too long!

    Hope you enjoy this opportunity to tackle those BIG books - remember to come back to the challenge page anytime this summer to post updates or reviews of Big Books.

    (P.S. FYI - your list and/or photo of the books you might read doesn't show up).


    2017 Big Book Summer Challenge

    1. Haha I cant' wait to get through some of those big books that I've been meaning to read for so long!
      Thanks for letting me know, hopefully it's sorted now!

  2. You've got lots of great ideas for books to read for the challenge. I haven't read any personally but the Game of Thrones series, Good Omens and Les Mis are on my to read list!


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